Small Business Loan Leads When and Where You Want Them

More information about our small businesses loan leads

Small business loan leads and business loan leads are catch terms that apply to a business is looking for financing. Of course, the leads fall into many different categories. For most lead providers a qualified lead is what will give you the ability to narrow down your perfect borrower.
  • Loan amount
  • Loan type
  • Business age
  • Mothy revenues
  • Credit card sales
  • Credit rating
  • Many more
  • Unsecured Business Loan
  • Startup Business Loans leads
  • Business Lines of Credit leads
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Business Equity Loan
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Inventory Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Term Loans leads
  • Factoring leads
  • Asset Based Loans leads
  • Accounts Receivable loan leads
  • Asset Based Financing leads
  • Bridge Loan
  • Term Loan

How to get the most out of your small business loan leads

When you make the decision to purchase leads you want to get the most out of them. Here are a few tips on doing just that.

Focus on loan type first


Let’s focus on loan type. Of course, you have the lending criteria that you can filter on however narrowing down the type of loan a lead is looking for or what type they think they are looking for is one of the best ways to experiment with the type of lead that works best for you.


Trust but Verify


If you have ever said “these leads suck” ask yourself if you have done any experimenting with changing your filters? Have you done an analysis of the leads or are you repeating what your producers or salespeople are saying when they are outside smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee in the breakroom?

There are a lot of people involved with a lead from generating it to closing it and that is called a borrower’s journey. This journey should be tracked and analyzed. It is the only way you know for sure what is happening with your business.


Five points to consider


Try the following exercise, and if you need help you can always reach out to me by going to the contact us page, and I will do my best to point you in the right direction and give you my best advice.

Keep in mind that not all lead providers ask this question or the answer is not completed in the lead form. Having this data and setting up experiments can be revealing.

1 – identify what can be filtered on.

2 – Find out if you can have more than one campaign

3 – If you can then set them up with different filters and tag them in your CMS

4 – If not you may have to tag them to filter later down the line manually

5 – Keep a close eye on the data as it comes in. Keep track of the leads that close and constantly look for things that are common in each.

Start here and do as many analysis as you can with your data. This will give you insight and trends and possibly some great opportunities that you can take advantage of.


Make your own luck


Purchasing leads are just one of the ways to find prospects. If you want to add value start producing your own leads. Start looking at the leads that have closed and see what the average buyer looks like. Build a persona around that niche and make sure you keep it very nichey. This will give you an opportunity to build a marketing strategy around your borrower personas and then you can activate tactical marketing campaigns to target that borrower persona.