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My name is Rob Wagner, and I am the founder of eBusinessLoanLeads.com. I created this website over six years ago not only to help borrowers find financing but to help lenders find their own leads.

I have been a serial entrepreneur for the last 30 years and no matter what the business a great deal of my time has been spent practicing the art of marketing. I have worked closely with Google managing pay per click campaigns, spending millions of dollars on pay per click advertising has given me a unique insight into the dynamics of Google.

My work with Google and their pay per click ad system also assisted me in helping businesses and entrepreneurs with their Search Engine Optimization, SEO. For several years I sat on a panel of SEO experts. And yes, my inner marketing geek was in heaven.

After spending many years in the SEO industry, I felt that both Google and the so-called SEO experts have lost their way. No longer is marketing orientation important, only a narrow view of one of many marketing tactics.

I have a passion for all things marketing. I love learning new strategies and techniques in the ever-changing world of marketing. I enjoy seeing both customers and businesses have a mutually beneficial transaction, and for me that’s what marketing is all about, bringing a great experience to both the customer and the business.

Setting modesty aside for a moment, I took the time and invested in an Ivy League credentials at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Business in Marketing Strategy. Having a solid marketing strategy is a fundamental piece of any successful business whether it be a lender or small business. Helping businesses to develop their market orientation is one of my passions. Feel free to reach out to me. I would love to talk about lending or answer any questions you have around marketing.
Johnson - Cornell University
Founder Rob Wagner Portrait

Ok, so what do I do for fun? I will admit I don’t work all of the time. I like to kayak, camp, fish, and go four wheeling in my Jeep. Yep, I’m the outdoorsy type. Blame it on living in central Pennsylvania near some of the best forests and trout streams in the country.